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Much Ado About Nothing – Tonight!

Looking for something to lighten your spirits as the chill winds of autumn start dancing through the streets? Much Ado About Nothing is tonight!

Much Ado About Nothing – John the Bastard

A couple centuries worth of editorial work have worked marvels in cleaning up the text of Shakespeare’s plays. Elizabethan foibles, errors, and hack jobs have been turned into polished, perfected texts — the result of perhaps the most thorough and extensive analysis of any text in the history of civilization. (Only the King James’ Bible [...]

Much Ado About Nothing – Script

The original text for Much Ado About Nothing is the quarto of 1600. The play was also included in the First Folio of 1623, but the text there appears to have been typeset from the quarto itself. (It replicates virtually all of the quarto’s errors. For example, half of Balthasar’s lines in 2.1 are nonsensically [...]

Much Ado About Nothing – Cast List

Benedick and Beatrice. Romeo and Juliet may be Shakespeare’s tribute to eternal passion, but Benedick and Beatrice are perhaps the perfect Shakespearean lovers: Witty, acerbic, charming, independent… Ruthless. Much Ado About Nothing has burbled with vivacious energy from its first performance in 1598. Often imitated, never duplicated, it’s a rollickin’ ride of pure entertainment from [...]

Much Ado About Nothing – Up Next!

Cymbeline has ascended to its palace crystalline, but the Complete Readings of William Shakespeare will roll on with the rapier-sharp wit of Much Ado About Nothing on November 10th! MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING NOVEMBER 10th, 2010 7:30 PM Tickets: Pay What You Can! People’s Center Theater 425 20th Avenue South Minneapolis, MN Directions to the [...]

November Schedule Changes!

Our November schedule for the Complete Readings of William Shakespeare is being shuffled to better accommodate a variety of schedules. Much Ado About Nothing will be performing on NOVEMBER 10th at the People’s Center Theater. Hamlet, which was originally schedule for that date, will be moved to a date later in the month. (Currently pending [...]

Complete Readings of William Shakespeare

The Complete Readings of William Shakespeare will present every play, poem, and sonnet (along with a sampling of the apocrphya!) in a series of 45 staged readings from 2009-2011. It represents the unique opportunity to experience in performance all of Shakespeare’s masterpieces, including those rarely or never seen, in a way that hasn’t been possible [...]