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Rape of Lucrece – Scripts

For those of you being introduced to the American Shakespeare Repertory for the first time with our production of William Shakespeare’s Rape of Lucrece in the 2011 Minnesota Fringe Festival, one of the distinguishing traits of the company is our “foundational” approach to Shakespeare. As part of the Complete Readings of William Shakespeare, we go [...]

Schedule Change!

American Shakespeare Repertory is shifting the scheduling of its readings on February 17th and February 24th. On February 17th, The Rape of Lucrece — Shakespeare’s epic poem — will be performed in an intimate reading. On February 24th, Romeo & Juliet (formerly scheduled for February 17th) will be performed. Both readings will be sponsored by [...]

Complete Readings of William Shakespeare

The Complete Readings of William Shakespeare will present every play, poem, and sonnet (along with a sampling of the apocrphya!) in a series of 45 staged readings from 2009-2011. It represents the unique opportunity to experience in performance all of Shakespeare’s masterpieces, including those rarely or never seen, in a way that hasn’t been possible [...]