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Hamlet – Tonight!

O that this too, too solid flesh… To be or not to be… O what a rogue and peasant slave am I… Now cracks a noble heart… For he was likely, had he been put on, to have proved most royal… We’re putting it on. Tonight. Hamlet. Uncut. Hardcore. It’s time to enter Elsinore…

In a Web of Tragic Flaws – Hamlet the Anti-Tragic Hero

As the 16th century came to a close, Shakespeare began to experiment with tragedy. On the Elizabethan stage, there were two dominant forms of tragedy: First, the classical tragedy. Derived from the Aristotelian theatrical principles of Ancient Greece, a classical tragedy features a protagonist possessed of a “tragic flaw” which creates a catastrophe in which [...]

Hamlet – Of Acts and Scenes

The scene and act divisions in Hamlet pose a troubling scholastic problem. A little history: The First Quarto and Second Quarto contain no separation of scenes or acts at all. In fact, the traditional five act structure that we typically associate with Shakespeare didn’t actually become popular until the reign of King James. In other [...]

Hamlet Writes (Never Trust an Editor)

Hamlet offers an excellent example of why many modern editions of Shakespeare’s plays can’t be entirely trusted. While the traditions of emendation which have arisen around each play over the past 400 years have generally improved the texts, some of these traditions are both radically incorrect and yet rabidly stubborn in their persistence. It can [...]

Hamlet – Disasters in the Sun

I think that anyone who spends a fair bit of time hanging out with Shakespeare’s plays ends up accumulating a few choice phrases that will restlessly bounce around the inside of their skulls. I’m not necessarily talking about the big quotes. (Those are pretty much culturally ubiquitous.) What I’m talking about are the snatches of [...]

Hamlet – Script

Hamlet is almost universally acknowledged as Shakespeare’s greatest masterpiece. Among his plays it is also, without doubt, the most complicated of texts. (One might even say convoluted.) Some of its mysteries may never be truly unraveled, but I think we can achieve a fair degree of certainty in a great many matters. Doing so, however, [...]

Hamlet – Cast List

On November 22nd, in the lush opulence of the James J. Hill House in St. Paul, Minnesota, the American Shakespeare Repertory will present the play which has become a cornerstone of Western literature and philosophy: The Tragedy of Hamlet is an enigma of conflicting texts, centuries of dramatic legacy, and hundreds of famous quotations which [...]

Hamlet – Up Next!

The simple strains of Much Ado‘s comic glee have danced through our hearts, but as the gloom of Minnesota’s winter gathers we turn our eyes to Hamlet‘s Denmark. On November 22nd, the melancholy prince strides through the lush opulence of the historic James J. Hill House in St. Paul. Join us for a pre-Thanksgiving feast [...]

November Schedule Changes!

Our November schedule for the Complete Readings of William Shakespeare is being shuffled to better accommodate a variety of schedules. Much Ado About Nothing will be performing on NOVEMBER 10th at the People’s Center Theater. Hamlet, which was originally schedule for that date, will be moved to a date later in the month. (Currently pending [...]

Hamlet Reading Cancelled

Due to irreconcileable schedule conflicts, American Shakespeare Repertory regretfully announces that our May 12th reading of Hamlet will be cancelled. No alternative reading or event will take the place of this reading, but the Complete Readings of William Shakespeare will continue with The Second Maiden’s Tragedy on May 19th at the People’s Center Theater in [...]