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Hamlet – Cast List

On November 22nd, in the lush opulence of the James J. Hill House in St. Paul, Minnesota, the American Shakespeare Repertory will present the play which has become a cornerstone of Western literature and philosophy: The Tragedy of Hamlet is an enigma of conflicting texts, centuries of dramatic legacy, and hundreds of famous quotations which have taken on a life of themselves.

But now, as part of the Complete Readings of William Shakespeare, there is a unique opportunity to view Hamlet in the context of its creation: As a play performed among many other plays. Merely one among equals.

And yet somehow greater nonetheless.

Justin Alexander – Hamlet
Tim Perfect – Claudius
Ann Carroll – Gertrude
Craig Johnson – Polonius
Phil D. Henry – Laertes
Maretta Zilic – Ophelia
Lucas Gerstner – Horatio
Rob Sieg – Rosencrantz
Allen Voigt – Guildenstern
Phil D. Henry – Ghost & Player King
Ann Rice – Bernardo, Reynaldo, and Player Queen
Janine Hegarty – Francisco & Fortinbras
Adelin Phelps – Marcellus & Others
Cara Kluver – Gravedigger & Others
Brigid Kelley – Gravedigger & Others

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