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Cast List for Richard II

The first half of our uniquely Elizabethan pageant of Richard II was a rousing success last night. It continues next week with Shakespeare’s Richard II at the Gremlin Theater, the fifteenth reading in our Complete Readings of William Shakespeare.

Neal Beckman – Richard II
Lucas Gerstner – Bolingbrooke
Maretta Zilic – Bushy & Duchess of York
Kelsey McMahon – Bagot & Mowbray
Brigid Kelley – Greene
Justin Alexander – John of Gaunt
Ben Layne – Duke of York
Martha Heyl – Queen Isabella
Tim Perfect – Northumberland
Hannah Steblay – Ross
Susannah Handley – Willoughby
Susannah Handley – Aumerle
TBD – Percy Hotspur
Ann Frances Gregg – Duchess of Gloucester
Mike Rubke – Salisbury

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