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Cast List for Richard II: Thomas of Woodstock

Richard II: Thomas of Woodstock, the fourteenth reading in the Complete Readings of William Shakespeare, is coming September 14th to the Gremlin Theater. The American Shakespeare Repertory is proud to announce the cast:

Neal Beckman – Richard II
Tim Perfect – Thomas of Woodstock
Kelly Bancroft – Queen Anne
Ann Frances Gregg – Duchess of Gloucester
Justin Alexander – Duke of Lancaster
Gail Frazer – Duke of York
Mike Rubke – Arundel
Brigid Kelley – Greene
Katie Hawkinson – Bagot & Lapoole
Maretta Zilic – Bushy
Ryan Coble – Tresilian
Martha Heyl – Cheney
Lucas Gerstner – Nimble
Susannah Handley – Crosby/Fleming
Shelley Johnson – Duchess of Ireland

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